The Classic Enduro Race
ITDE2016 - Isola d’Elba revival
International Three-Days Enduro
October 29-30-31, 2016 - Portoferraio (LI) Italy

ITDE2016 Isola d’Elba Revival is a 3 days international competition of regularity/enduro for classic motorcycles.
In the occasion of the 35th Anniversary of the 1981 International Six-Days Enduro (for the first time also 1st World Enduro Championship), the race will be centred once again on the town of Portoferraio, as originally was, and will cover some parts of the original routes, with Isola d’Elba as a magnificent setting.
300 participants will be accepted at
ITDE2016 Isola d’Elba revival from all over the world but only with motorcycles complete with historical fiche and built before December 31, 1986 and will be divided into two main categories:

- FMI or International Licensed Drivers, divided into classes as per the Regulations being published.

- Gentlemen Riders with no needed License, excluded from rankings but also divided by classes. They will start immediately after the Licensed Drivers and, during Day 2, are going to drive a shortened track. Italian GR must be FMI members.

Details on the time frame of the three-days are available on the Preliminary Program that you can download from the right panel.

Drivers will participate in the individual rankings in different classes but can also enter as National Team or Moto Club/Scuderia or Manufacturers, each composed of three Drivers.
The first National Team classified driving motorcycles built before December 31, 1981 will be awarded the International Trophy ITDE2016 Isola d’Elba revival.
The first National Team classified driving motorcycles built before December 31, 1986 will be awarded the Silver Vase ITDE2016 Isola d’Elba revival.
Registration of the Riders has been open May 20, 2016 exclusively on this web site and will be subject to the Rules of the competition, which are available together with the Entry Forms, and to which Riders and Teams can refer for any additional information and details.

The Organizing Committee